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My Canadian Pharmacy has been operating in the pharmaceutical market since 2003. Today, we are one of the largest stores that offer quality and affordable medications and other health care products. We understand how important it is to have the right medicine at the time, so we try to work individually with each client - to deliver the necessary medicines to the specified address in the shortest possible time and at the lowest price.



Using our website, you can quickly find medicines online. We offer analgesics, anti-inflammatory drugs, antibiotics, vitamins, birth control pills, products for the gastrointestinal tract, kidneys, liver, cardiovascular system, vision, ENT organs, etc. All products are manufactured by reliable pharmaceutical companies and have the necessary supporting documentation. →


Our pharmacists are professional and caring! They are ready to give you competent advice 24/7! If you have any questions about the medications presented in the catalog, please feel free to contact us! →


My Canadian Pharmacy – The Best Store for Getting Affordable Medications

Welcome to the website of My Canadian Pharmacy, the largest drugstore delivering health care products across the world!

How did we manage to grow so fast? Thanks to you and our other customers. Due to the fact that every year more and more people trust us and buy medicines through our website.

Why do people trust us?

  • Low prices. Here you will find one of the lowest prices for medicines and medical products. You can find out the prices for goods directly on our website;
  • Huge assortment. Here you will find more than 1,000 products. These are not only medicines but also products for health and beauty;
  • Informative website. Here you will always find information on the price and availability of goods. In addition, you can read detailed instructions for their use in the product card;
  • Operation 24/7. We taking care of your time and accept orders 24 hours a day 7 days a week. You can place an order at any time and from any location. All you need is access to the Internet;
  • Qualification of employees. We employ only experienced pharmacists. Our experts are always ready to advise you;
  • Quality goods. All deliveries to pharmacies are carried out directly from manufacturers and large pharmaceutical distributors, whose level is confirmed by the relevant licenses. All pharmaceutical distributors serving our pharmacy are also the main suppliers of medicines in the hospital segment, which speaks of their credibility and reliability. We sell products that have passed pre-sale control for compliance with standards.

Our quality standards

  • High level of service. We strive to offer our customers a high level of service. To do this, the company develops standards for customer service, pharmacists regularly undergo corporate training and professional certification;
  • Extended range of products for maintaining beauty and health. The online pharmacy has more than 1,000 medicines in its portfolio. Special attention is paid to preparations for maintaining health and personal care. Our approach is better prevention than treatment. Daily care is better than radical intervention;
  • Low prices regardless of your location. We can offer our customers attractive prices because: we are largest pharmaceutical distributor; we have our own warehouses; we optimize logistic and administrative costs for the entire route of the goods; we work with a professional team of pricing managers.

Save even more on your meds!

My Canadian Pharmacy offers you several ways of buying pharmaceutical products at the lowest prices!

  1. Use cheap analogs of expensive drugs. Doctors often prescribe expensive advertised drugs. Sometimes they have no analogs and patients have to buy exactly what is prescribed. But it often happens that a well-known expensive drug has a cheaper counterpart with the same active ingredient and efficiency. Such drugs are called generics;
  2. Promotions and coupon codes. We often hold promotions: “Goods of the day”, “Seasonal discounts”, “Two packs for one”. Some medications can be purchased at a discount of 20%, 30%, 40%. Follow up with the news of the pharmacy! We announce promotions on our website;
  3. Package size matters. One package of the drug may contain a different number of tablets or capsules. If you choose the right package size, it also helps to save money. The larger the packaging, the cheaper each tablet, so it seems that large packaging is more profitable in any case. But this is true only if you need a lot of medication: for example, for long courses or for chronic diseases.

Values ​​of our company

  • Customer orientation. The main value of the pharmacy is our customers. All of them are very significant to us. The main principle of working with them is a responsible and honest attitude. We strive to ensure that customers always mark us as a company with a high level of the corporate culture. We also strive to maintain polite communication, competent and cultural speech of all company employees. We are proud to work in My Canadian Pharmacy;
  • Social orientation. The company provides high-quality products at affordable prices;
  • Quality. We work only with reliable suppliers and manufacturers, so we can guarantee that the goods presented on our website are genuine, registered and high-quality;
  • Professionalism. We expect all team members to effectively carry out their tasks based on their knowledge and experience, as well as their ability to learn. We value professionalism and the desire for self-improvement. We should always be one step ahead of everyone. Each employee of the company works hard to improve his/her professional level;
  • Innovation. We encourage innovation, we are constantly searching for new solutions to improve our business;
  • Stability. The company is our second home. We carefully and economically use all its resources. We care for its stability and prosperity.

What our customers say about us

Ardell: “Thank you so much! Very polite staff helped me choose a medicine for my husband. Now I will order only this website!!!”

Jeffery: “I highly appreciate the excellent service and competent advice on the selection of medication for pain in the throat! Your service is really helpful!”

Lorenzo: “I always order from My Canadian Pharmacy! Thanks for your competent work and friendly service – you always help me choose good drugs!”

Brandie: “Three days ago I bought medicines through your website. Placed order online for the first time and was pleasantly surprised! I needed consultation about contraindications and your pharmacist explained everything in detail and suggested medicines that fit me on a budget! Delivery was fast and trouble-free! Today I feel significant relief. In addition, the drug which I ordered from this site was much cheaper. Great pharmacy and professional staff! Thank you!”

John: “I want to express my gratitude to your online pharmacy! Thank you for your attentiveness and excellent service, for the advice you gave me! The staff was attentive and knew the assortment very well. I will surely return for more meds if I need any!”

Marie: “I ordered from your pharmacy many times because your prices are pleasant! Last time I needed advice on the choice of an allergy medicine. Your pharmacist gave detailed advice and the treatment was effective. Thank you very much for your work!”

Refugio: “I’m satisfied with each drug purchased. This is pharmacy number 1 for me and my family! Thanks!”

Beverly: “I ordered from this drugstore twice and must admit their prices are affordable. I have managed to save a considerable amount. I am very glad that I’ve come across this website! I always recommend it to my friends!”



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Visit our website to get affordable and quality meds. We strive to make the prices for essential medicines the most affordable.

Our customers are the heart of our business and we do our best to offer a professional service that exceeds your expectations.

Please visit My Canadian Pharmacy or contact us to discuss any medical needs that you have. We strive to help you improve and maintain your health!

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